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Long Range Development Plan 2005-2020  

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Public Workshop #5
October 20, 2004, 6:00 PM, UCSC Inn and Conference Center, Sierra Room

Agenda [printable version]

  1. Introduction

    1. Welcome (Frank Zwart)

    2. Overview of LRDP process, schedule, scope (Frank Zwart)
      [on-line version of presentation; printable version]

  2. Overview of first draft of UCSC Long-Range Development Plan 2005-2020 (2005 LRDP)
    [on-line version of presentation; printable version]

    1. Contents (Bill MacIntosh, Cooper, Robertson)

    2. Physical Planning Principles and Guidelines (Alex Cooper, Cooper, Robertson)

    3. Land-Use Plan (Bill MacIntosh, Cooper, Robertson)

    4. Landscape and Open Space (Jacinata McCann, EDAW)

    5. On-campus circulation and parking (Jim Daisa, Kimley-Horn & Associates)

  3. Preliminary Traffic Analysis (Jim Daisa, Kimley-Horn & Associates)
    [on-line version of presentation; printable version]

  4. Question and Answer (Frank Zwart, Alex Cooper, Bill MacIntosh, Jacinata McCann, Jim Daisa)

  5. Next steps

Web site:  http://planning.ucsc.edu/lrdp/

Email:  lrdp-admin@ucsc.edu


Meeting Follow-Up:

  • Meeting Notes



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