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Framework for the Future - Developing the next campus LRDP
Within the University of California system, Long Range Development Plans (LRDPs) are drafted to support the academic goals of individual campuses; they also take into account projected statewide enrollment demand.  Upon their completion, the long-range plans define a building program and a land-use map that serve as a comprehensive planning framework for capital construction, infrastructure, and land-use programs.  LRDPs, however, are not implementation plans and adoption of an LRDP does not constitute a commitment to specific projects, construction schedules, or funding priorities.

The current multiyear comprehensive planning activity commenced in fall 2003 and will result in an update of the campus' 1988 LRDP--a revision that is expected to guide the campus' physical development through the year 2020.  This work will be in partnership with many campus committees, campus constituents, neighbors, and regional agencies. 

Latest Updates
In order to keep the campus community informed of the long range development plan processes and the LRDP Committee's progress, periodic updates will be posted to this website.  The following are the most recent communications:

Campus Organization and Process

The 2005-2020 Framework for the Future process commenced in fall 2003 with the appointment of a Strategic Futures Committee and a Long Range Development Committee engaged in parallel efforts.  During an initial phase, the Strategic Futures Committee will examine key principles and programmatic possibilities related to academic, research, and campus community programs.  The LRDP Committee will prepare working papers on a number of physical planning topics (e.g., land use and environment; housing and student life; transportation and circulation; and infrastructure and technology) and test the physical implications of alternative enrollment scenarios.  Both committees will evaluate the physical implications of these principles, programmatic opportunities, and enrollment scenarios.

The work of these two committees will converge into a single scenario that portrays an institutional vision for the next stage of UCSC's future.  This vision will be translated into a physical plan that will be the basis for a draft 2005-2020 LRDP.  After campus and community review, a final draft of the LRDP will be used as the basis for writing and receiving input related to an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. 

It is anticipated that during the 2003-04 academic year the campus' academic vision will be updated and LRDP public workshops will take place.  In the 2004-05 year, a draft LRDP will be completed and work will begin on a draft EIR for the LRDP.  In the 2005-06 year, the draft EIR will be presented to the public for comments, and the LRDP and EIR will be submitted to UC's Board of Regents for final consideration.

The campus has selected Cooper, Robertson, & Partners as the design professionals to help with the technical aspects of this physical planning effort.



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